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TSI Pre-Polished Stainless Tubing
Tubular Steel has identified several industries that benefit from the use of pre-polished 304/L or 316/L A554 for moderate forming and 304/L or 316/L A249/A269 where severe forming is required.
Customers in these industries are saving up to 35% on their finishing costs by utilizing A554 pre-polished material. The use of A249/A269 has resulted in reduced scrap in specific applications.
In addition to the benefits of using alternative specifications TSI has provided documented savings by reducing the costs of holding inventory.
TSI creates customer specific just-in-time (JIT) inventory scenarios that include, in some cases, daily shipments eliminating the need to hold inventory, reducing capital requirements, storage space, and reducing the risk of damage to inventory in storage.
The JIT programs are supported from all of our eight distribution centers supporting your own multi-facility manufacturing as necessary.
TSI's own truck system provides expedited delivery via flatbed truck resulting in efficient receiving at your facilities.
The heart of any JIT program are IT systems and responsive sales people to ensure your inventory is just-in-time. With our dedicated "800" numbers to our salespeople you are never stranded in voice mail.
Superior Quality
  • Our Quality is carried throughout our entire process from our mills to your receiving door.
  • As part of the quality control requirements, all raw material is 100% inspected during the in-house slitting operation.
  • By slitting material in-house our customers benefit from improved quality and greater production flexibility.
  • We meet or exceed standard specifications on all our A554 tubing.
  • We are committed to strict quality control policies and procedures.
  • Our customers can trust that they will receive the premium products they require.
Our manufacturers buff and polish in-house to provide better controls and to furnish the highest quality consistent finishes. Providing a quality finish has saved time and money for our customers. We provide bright annealed, mill, 180 grit, and 600 grit finished material.
For maximum protection, the tubes are packaged directly off of the polishing/buffing line. All polished or buffed tubing is covered with plastic or paper sleeves and heavy duty packaging to protect the surface finish. Full carton quantities are shipped, in the original wooden crates following spot inspections. Smaller orders are banded, bundled, and carefully packaged in heavy duty cardboard "U-crates" for optimal protection.
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