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Taking Weight Out While Leaving Strength In
What could you do with steel that makes your products lighter, stronger and less expensive?
The more strength required in a product or project usually results in adding more weight. But the addition of weight also adds to production costs for manufacturers and to operation costs for end users of mobile capital products.
Tubular Steel partners with its mill suppliers to develop and bring to market proprietary chemistries and advanced finishing processes designed to produce steel that is lighter yet stronger. The result is pipe and tube that provide yield strengths that are considerably higher than those of standard steels. These steels offer many unique design alternatives, as well as different levels of economic and production benefits for manufacturer and end user alike.
Crane manufacturers have found that by simply replacing conventional hot-rolled material with lower weight, higher yield products from Tubular Steel, they can increase crane capacity without increasing weight. The results; cranes that have a higher payload without requiring costly, additional reinforcement structures; lowered overall crane weight; and improved efficiencies and profitability for manufacturer operations and in operational costs of the end user.
Tractor trailer manufacturer have found that the overall weight of the finished trailer could be reduced by introducing high yield, lower weight material throughout the trailer. The results; a lighter trailer capable of carrying heavier loads, reduced production costs, superior products and happier customers.
How much savings? As much as 15%!
Your next step? Contact your Tubular Steel Account Manager and ask for help identifying alternative high yield, low weight materials to bring to the attention of your engineering department. Get ready, continuous improvement is just ahead.

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