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Reducing Scrap and Machining Time
with "Guaranteed" Sizes
One of the biggest challenges machines shops face to remain competitive and profitable is to use material that minimizes scrap and machining time. This is true whether machining:
  • New Parts
  • Continuing Parts, or
  • Contract Parts
New Parts
Frequently a request for quote (RFQ) for a new part will be a one-time order that doesn't allow for trial and error to improve price and profitability. That's where Tubular Steel's Guaranteed Size program comes in. Finding the right size to use in your response to a RFQ can mean the difference in getting the job, and always has a major impact on profitability.
Call a Tubular Steel Account Manager and provide the finished part dimensions. Using the proprietary Tubular Steel Guaranteed Parts program, your Tubular Steel Account Manager will determine what size material, from which mill, will provide the best value and profit opportunity. Tubular Steel's Guaranteed Size program is unique because it is calibrated to each of the mills that supplies Tubular Steel, recognizing the variance mill tolerances at each mill.
Continuing Parts
Many of Tubular Steel's customers have long standing relationships to machine parts but are not under contract with the end user. In today's competitive environment, these relationships may be examined with the end user placing a requirement for cost reductions upon the machine shop. In these situations customers have turned to Tubular Steel for help in meeting the requirements of their end user.
Even though the same material sizes may have been used for years producing the part in question, there may be sizes better suited that will result in less scrap and/or machining. Either will cut costs and improve profitability.
Provide the finished part size to your Tubular Steel Account Manager, and using the proprietary Tubular Steel Guaranteed Parts program, your Account Manager will determine alternative size material and/or mills.
In addition, Tubular Steel can show how a contract parts' program might provide further improvements.
Contract Parts
When a contract comes up for one of Tubular Steel's machine shop customers it can be a challenge to meet the end user's cost reduction requirements. It can also be an opportunity to use the end user's desire for cost reductions to also be the lever to lock-in a relationship beyond a single contract.
Of course, the strategy begins with checking Tubular Steel's Guaranteed Parts program. But your Tubular Steel Account Manager takes the next step by working with Tubular Steel Product Managers to determine which mills could produce a special size designed to eliminate even more scrap and machining time.
Next, your Tubular Steel Account Manager will create a Just-In-Time inventory stock program that has Tubular Steel holding your inventory and releasing in to meet a pre-determined schedule, or on an as needed basis.
Naturally, Tubular Steel can provide cut pieces to further reduce the material handling and material preparation time.
It's important to note that the Guaranteed Sizes provided by Tubular Steel may not have the same results when purchased from another supplier as their mill, and mill tolerances may be different.

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