Solution: Reducing Scrap with Mults Length Options Solution: Reducing Scrap and Machining Time with Guaranteed Sizes Solution: Taking Weight Out While Leaving Strength In Solution: Just-in-Time Inventory Solution: Guaranteed Mill Direct Back-Up Solution: Supplying Parts Instead of Raw Materials via Kitting Solution: Material Preparation, Cutting, Surface Conditioning, etc.
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Tubular Steel is a US Steel authorized distributor of
standard and line type products
Tubular Steel has identified several industries that benefit from the use of pre-polished 304/L or 316/L A554 for moderate forming and 304/L or 316/L A249/A269 where severe forming is required... [more ]
Headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, Sweeny Fixtures is a leading provider of fixtures to retail chains throughout the United States. Their customers include rapidly expanding "big box" retailers such as the home improvement chain Lowes... [ more ]